McCracken Deputy Resigns Due to Ethics Violation
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MCCRACKEN COUNTY - McCracken County Chief Deputy Mike Turnbow has resigned due to an alleged ethics violation.

Sheriff Matt Carter says he received an inquiry at 7 pm on Jan. 7 by a deputy concerning operational procedures. Carter said he immediately started checking into the situation related to a possible violation from earlier that day.

Carter said the violation related to a proposed "scheduling fee" relating to off duty employment and allegedly took place while the employee was on duty.

By the next morning Carter had determined there had been an ethics violation and as a result, Turnbow resigned his position.

In a continued effort to remain transparent and to uphold the highest ethical standards, Carter said he also sought a review by the Kentucky Attorney General's Office to determine if a criminal violation has been committed.

"I have and will continue to ensure the Sheriff's Office and every deputy provides uncompromising service to our community," Carter said. "This office will continue to have a firm adherence to ethical principles and sound moral character. I continue to pledge an unrelenting determination to serve the community and to achieve a standard of excellence in every endeavor. This event at no time affected the efficient operation that we provide to the citizens on a daily basis. This very unfortunate event should not in any way reflect negatively upon the men and women who faithfully serve at the McCracken County Sheriff's Office."

Turnbow's attorney issued a statement Monday afternoon, saying his client resigned at the request of the Sheriff after 40 years of service in law enforcement.

Jeremy Ian Smith's statement says, "Dep. Turbow did not resign because of any unethical or criminal conduct. Dep. Turnbow served at the pleasure of Sheriff Carter and he has been honored to serve the citizens of Kentucky his entire professional career."

Published 10:04 AM, Monday Jan. 13, 2020
Updated 11:55 PM, Tuesday Jan. 14, 2020



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