McCracken Deputy Shoots Man Armed with Sword, Gun
By Donna Groves
PADUCAH, KY - State Police have been called in to investigate after a McCracken County Deputy Saturday morning shot a man who was approaching him while armed with a Samaurai sword and a handgun. The man was shot twice in the torso and taken first to Lourdes, then transferred to Western Baptist Hospital, where he was listed in serious condition.

McCracken Sheriff Jon Hayden said the incident began at 10:58 am Saturday when dispatch received a call from a doctor concerned that a resident at 329 Oriole Lane had taken an overdose and was suicidal.

Sgt. Jared Rivera arrived four minutes later and stopped the cruiser in front of the house, leaving a civilian who was with him as part of the "ride-along program" waiting in the cruiser. Rivera went to the front door but couldn't get the resident to answer. When he went to the back door, the civilian in the cruiser informed Rivera that the man inside the home had come to the front window and tapped on it with a gun.

Rivera then quickly returned to the cruiser and backed it down the circle driveway away from the house, attempting to put some distance between the cruiser and the armed man. "Moments later," Hayden said, "the resident came out of the home waving what's been described as a Samaurai sword and a pistol. He started toward (Rivera), who was out of the car, and at some point, (Rivera) fired, striking him."

Despite being wounded, the resident, identified by State Police as 50-year-old Michael Lakin, then returned inside his home and collapsed inside the foyer.  

Rivera is not on leave at this time, as his regularly scheduled days off are Sunday and Monday.

Hayden said he immediately asked State Police to handle the investigation into the shooting. "It's the right thing to do to contact an outside agency to investigate," he said.

Published 01:34 PM, Saturday Oct. 06, 2012
Updated 06:09 PM, Friday Oct. 12, 2012

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