McCracken Senior Wins $18K Scholarship for Speech
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH, KY - A McCracken County High School senior has earned an $18,000 college scholarship and first place in The American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program – "A Constitutional Speech Contest."

The American Legion says Carlissa N. Frederich's winning prepared oration was titled "Limited Government, Our Right and Responsibility."

In her prepared oration, Frederich compared the Constitution to the Grand Coulee Dam. "Much like the dam was built to create and harness power, our forefathers built the Constitution to create and harness power – to empower the government to act at a national level, but harness that power so it did not infringe upon individual liberty."

"The founders believed our rights came from God to the people who could then loan a very limited amount of that power to the government through the Constitution," Frederich added. "The Constitution ensures rights. Exercising these limits government. Limited government maintains rights, completing the cycle and creating a type of ordered liberty."

Frederich was among 53 state or department champions in the 81st annual contest. She was sponsored by American Legion Post 73 in Murray. In each round of the weekend competition, orators delivered a rehearsed 8- to 10-minute address and a randomly assigned 3- to 5-minute oration on a constitutional topic. 

The American Legion began the contest, which has awarded more than $3 million in scholarships, to encourage young people to improve their communications skills and to study the U.S. Constitution. 

Published 08:49 AM, Monday Apr. 16, 2018
Updated 09:01 AM, Monday Apr. 16, 2018

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