More Details Released about Paducah RV Murder Case
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - Some additional details have come to light in the murder case against a Grand Rivers man accused of running over his girlfriend with an RV in the parking lot of the Paducah/McCracken County Convention and Expo Center.

Det. Jason Hicks with the Paducah Police Department says James Vanvactor called police at around midnight on Oct. 5 after arguing with his girlfriend, Angella Hale. When officers arrived on the scene a short time later, they reportedly saw Hale sleeping inside an RV and determined no action was needed. They then left the area.

Hicks said David Downey, Hale's soon to be son in law, told them Hale called him at around 12:45 a.m. asking for a ride because she and Vanvactor had been arguing, but he told them Hale was not there when he arrived a short time later.

Hicks said he reviewed surveillance video from the city's floodwall camera, which showed Hale getting out of the RV shortly before 1 a.m. and arguing with Vanvactor. Vanvactor could then be seen going back inside the RV. Hale then moved to the rear of the vehicle. A few minutes later, Vanvactor exited the RV and then walked around to the back briefly to speak with Hale, before getting back inside.

Hicks describes what happened next.

"It looks like both the passenger back tire and the front tire both run over Ms. Hale. On the camera you can actually see the RV rock when it runs over her, indicating that the driver should know that something is being run over. [Vanvactor] stops briefly while the RV is actually on top of Ms. Hale and then continues driving over her. Once he clears her, he continues to back over her. That's when the front tire rolls over her." Hicks said.

Hale's body was discovered about two hours later. Police responded and arrested Vanvactor on murder, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of an accident charges.

Hicks said there was an aftermarket rearview camera installed in the RV, which is always on. He said at no time did Vanvactor exit the RV to check on Hale after he ran her over, or make any effort to contact police.

There was nothing blocking [Vanvactor's] path to drive forward," Hicks said. "He actually backs up about 318 feet. He could have just as easily pulled forward if he was going to move the RV to park it somewhere. Instead he backs up the entire way."

In a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, District Judge Chris Hollowell bound Vanvactor's case over to a grand jury. He is being held in the McCracken County Jail on a $1 million bond.

Published 11:02 AM, Wednesday Oct. 16, 2019
Updated 02:05 AM, Thursday Oct. 17, 2019

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