Morning Radio Personality Staying Busy Acting, Too
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH, KY - A local radio personality and thespian has recently played a couple of roles that you may see on a screen very soon.

Steve Schwetman is one half of "Bobby and Steve" every morning on country radio station WKYQ (also owned by Bristol Broadcasting), but his face will be showing up on television and in churches over the next few months. 

One role is in a crime re-enactment show called "Fatal Attraction" on the TV One Network, and another is in a Lifeway Vacation Bible School curriculum that uses videos to entertain and teach kids.

"Fatal Attraction" typically deals with crimes of passion, and Schwetman's episode is about a case from Durham, North Carolina involving a murder related to a religious cult.  He was cast as lead detective Charles Sole on the show, apparently because he resembles the man. They shot the episode in Knoxville this past January, and Schwetman hasn't yet heard when the episode will air.

"Their understanding was that it's either going to be later this spring, or maybe this fall. You'll just have to check your listings via your television provider," Schwetman said.

He said he sent Jupiter Entertainment (which also produces the shows, "Homicide Hunter," and "Modern Marvels") a photo and link to a video of some of his work using a casting website, and a few weeks later they notified him, saying they wanted him to play the detective role.

Schwetman said that's a rare time when he didn't need to audition for a part.

He did have to audition last May for what he learned was a movie Lifeway Christian Resources was making. Once he knew it was a kid's comedy film and that the part was for a submarine captain, he came up with an idea while talking to "Dr. Jeff" Lawrence in the WKYQ studio about submarine movies.

"What if I go audition with a Scottish brogue? I just read my lines like that - in other words, do a very poor Sean Connery impression," Schwetman said. Connery played a submarine captain in the 1990 film, "The Hunt for Red October."  He said he could tell his twist on the part was well-received when the director broke into a smile.

Schwetman took it in stride, recalling other times he thought he auditioned well, but didn't get the part.

In June, he had just returned from weekend filming of an episode of "Cursed" for A&E Network, and got a message on his phone while at work from his agent. It read, "Lifeway wants to book you for Captain Ironheart," and he said it floored him. He called her back and immediately made plans to get off from work so he could participate.

They filmed in July at Lifeway's headquarters in downtown Nashville, using a huge underground warehouse as a sound stage. His role is part of the video that accompanies a Vacation Bible School curriculum entitled, "Submerged," that has already hit stores. It follows Louis and Skeeter, characters who have appeared in several Lifeway VBS videos in the past. When Skeeter gets a message from his hero, Captain Ironheart, about buried treasure, it stirs up the entire neighborhood.

Through the adventure, Skeeter learns that some things are worth more than treasure, and that appearances don't always show a person's true character. The videos are shown each day during the VBS, so kids see the story unfold as they participate through the week.

Schwetman said he's heard from friends who have discovered he is in the videos, and they are excited to use curriculum that has him in it. He's been told there will be a viewing party in Nashville where he can go see his work, but he's not sure when that will happen. He said, "I can't wait to see it. It's fun. The kids learn a little something, and there will be a good laugh here and there."

Schwetman, a Metropolis native, has been acting since he was little, doing plays in church and later at Massac County High School. He considered it as a career, but got a degree in journalism from Murray State University instead.

Schwetman considers his friends at Market House Theatre part of his family. He participated in one of their productions right out of high school, but didn't do anything there for the next 14 years. After living in California for a while, he came back home in the early 2000's to work on WKYQ, and got involved in the local theatre in a big way. He's participated in main stage shows, murder mysteries, and dinner theatres.

"I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't spent all that time learning on stage. I'm learning more and more as an actor," Schwetman said.

Schwetman recommends Market House for anyone who has considered getting involved in theatre. "If anybody has never acted before and they've been thinking about it, when they have auditions, they should go. If you've got kids that show that they can act and stuff, put them in "Footlights," get them involved in the children's productions. It's a wonderful experience that I recommend to anyone," Schwetman said.

A link to one of Lifeway's VBS promotional videos featuring Schwetman can be seen at the link below.

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Lifeway VBS promo video

Published 08:07 PM, Wednesday Feb. 17, 2016
Updated 08:02 AM, Saturday Feb. 20, 2016

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