New Body Scanner Being Installed at McCracken Jail
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - McCracken County Jailer David Knight says the new body scanner he recently ordered for the jail is in the process of being installed, and once it's up and running it will help keep dangerous items outside the jail's walls.

Knight said the facility recently received the $165,000 device that will be able to detect contraband items concealed within body cavities and clothing. He said most contraband that makes it into the jail is brought by inmates who conceal it in their body cavities. The new dual-view scanner will make it a lot easier for jail staff to catch these items before they make it into the facility, he said.

"We've had several inmates through the years that I've been there smuggle in various types of contraband. Sadly, a few of overdosed. It's caused some really bad problems." Knight said.

Knight said the device, which is basically a more powerful version of the scanners used at airports, was paid for by a Combined Public Communication grant, and no taxpayer funds were used.

Knight said drug overdoses have been a major issue in jails for a long time, citing the recent case at the Graves County Jail where inmate Rodney Evans overdosed and later died. He said it's his goal to help prevent these cases in the future, and the new scanner will help ensure a safer jail for everyone.

"All inmates that come into the jail will be scanned, and then we have the discretion to run anyone through it if we have reasonable suspicion that they're bringing something in." Knight said.

Published 07:20 AM, Thursday May. 23, 2019
Updated 05:52 AM, Friday May. 24, 2019

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