New Paducah Head Start Facility Moves Forward
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - The Paducah Board of Education has approved the purchase of properties for the new Head Start facility.

At their Monday meeting, the board voted on and approved the purchase of the following seven properties for a total of $355,000.  

330 Otis Dinning Drive - $26,000.00
402 Otis Dinning Drive - $110,000.00
2200 Washington Street - $92,500.00
2121 Polk Street - $23,000.00
2205 Polk Street - $52,000.00
2203 Polk Street - $38,500.00
2115 Polk Street - $13,000.00

Although the board approved the purchase, it will be subject to the final approval of the Kentucky Department of Education.

The Office of the Head Start Disaster Relief had previously approved over $14,000,000 to go towards the project, which will include the building and supplies. Paducah Head Start is currently located in the Cooper Whiteside Elementary building on South 6th Street, which is in an area that is prone to flooding. The area experienced extensive flooding throughout 2018, leading to damage of the building.

With their current set-up, some students are half-day, while others are full-day, however in the new building all students will have the option of full-day services. The new building will also give them the ability to accommodate up to 320 students.

There will also be a dedicated space for students that qualify for transitional services, including office space for Transitional Services Director, Heather Anderson, a pantry with food and other essential supplies, as well as washers and dryers.

If everything goes according to plan, the new building should be completed by 2022.

You can see the full Paducah Board of Education meeting below.

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Published 02:01 PM, Tuesday May. 19, 2020
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