Paducah Bar Closes after Possible Virus Exposure
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - A Paducah bar and restaurant has closed temporarily as a precaution, after it was revealed that several people who ate there recently came into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. 

Paducah Beer Werks said in a Facebook post Sunday night the person who tested positive negligently went out to bars and went to work while they were awaiting their test results. The person did not come into the restaurant, but was in recent contact with several people who did. 

The restaurant says it will close Monday-Wednesday as a precaution to disinfect the building and wait for test results to come back from those who were in direct contact with the infected person. It will open back up Thursday at noon.

"We won't close every single time someone tests positive for the virus in our small community but this is a special case because of the large amount of possible exposure. We do not feel there is reason to be alarmed, we are just taking the safest possible steps we know to take to continue to ensure that your safety and health is our top priority when you step foot in Paducah Beer Werks." The restaurant said.

All PBW patrons are required to wear masks while inside the building, and will be asked to leave if they refuse to comply with the policy. The restaurant says it will provide a mask to anyone who needs one. Customers may remove their masks while eating or drinking.

Published 09:20 AM, Monday Jul. 13, 2020
Updated 09:44 AM, Tuesday Jul. 14, 2020



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