Paducah Paving Projects Start Today, Monday
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - Beginning today, the contractor working for the City of Paducah, Jim Smith Contracting, will be initiating a milling and paving project in the Heather Hills neighborhood.  

The work is expected to be completed in one week, depending on weather. During the street resurfacing work, crews expect to keep one lane of traffic open. 

Portions of the following roads in Heather Hills will be milled, and then the entire roadway sections will be paved:

Hedge Lane
High Street
Malborough Way (between Sherwood Road and Hedge Lane intersections)
Mayfair Place
Sherwood Road (from 3663 house address to deadend of street)

On Monday, August 13th, crews will begin milling several roads in the Little Avenue neighborhood. After the paving crews finish working in the Heather Hills neighborhood, it will take approximately one week for crews to complete the paving in the Little Avenue neighborhood. 

The roadways that will be milled and paved are as follows:

Bloom Avenue (between Bechtold Road and Chester Hack Drive)
Blow Avenue (from Little Avenue to dead end of street)
Chester Hack Drive (between Little Avenue and Bloom Avenue)
Little Avenue (between the railroad and State Street)

Crews plan to keep one lane of traffic open during this project, however, to maneuver equipment, there will be temporary closures to Bloom Avenue and Chester Hack Drive.

Published 01:45 AM, Thursday Aug. 09, 2018
Updated 08:17 PM, Wednesday Aug. 08, 2018

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