Paducah Police Show Off New Bomb Suits
By West Kentucky Star Staff
The Paducah Police Department modeled their new bomb suits for the executive director of the Kentucky Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday.

The police department bought the new bomb suits, accessories, and new body armor for four members of the bomb squad at the cost of $114,440.93.
The Kentucky Department of Homeland Security provided more than $117,000 in grant money for the suits, which allowed the police to return more than $3,100 back to the DHS.

The department's old bomb suits were retired from use.

Executive Director John Holiday spoke with the squad and looked over the new equipment.  He learned about the 13 counties the Paducah Police Department covers, and took the time to educate the team about other funding opportunities available through the DHS.

Published 02:00 AM, Thursday Jul. 11, 2019
Updated 09:37 PM, Wednesday Jul. 10, 2019

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