Paducah Strategic Plan Action Steps Updated
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - City Manager Jim Arndt provided the Paducah Board of Commissioners with the first monthly update of the Strategic Plan Action Steps. 

Steps that have a high priority level will be updated monthly, while the low to medium priority Action Steps will be updated quarterly. The priority levels were determined by commissioners with input from the city manager and directors at a workshop held in August.

Arndt said, “I’m impressed with the amount of work that has been achieved in just the past few weeks. A majority of the Action Steps are seeing forward movement in determining baseline information such as mapping, data collection, best practices research, and meetings with the accountability partners.”

The Strategic Plan Action Steps includes objectives under the eight following Key Performance Areas:

*Enhancing Arts and Culture
*Provide Open, Smart, and Engaged Government
*Empower Upward Economic Mobility
*Develop Healthy and Sustainable Neighborhoods
*Celebrate a Diverse Community
*Maintain Thoughtful and Modern Infrastructure
*Provide Excellent Recreation Experiences
*Public Safety

The October update is available at

Arndt says he plans to review the plan annually with commissioners.

Arndt is also working with the leadership team to update the city's mission statement and organizational values.

On the Net:

Paducah Strategic Plan Action Steps-October 2018 Update

Published 09:41 PM, Wednesday Oct. 10, 2018
Updated 06:00 AM, Thursday Oct. 11, 2018

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