Paducah Students Featured on Romney Blog
By Donna Groves
PADUCAH, KY - Two Paducah students are featured on a Mitt Romney blog, wearing t-shirts that say "Government didn't build my business. I did."

Noelle Meals wrote the presidential candidate to tell him about the project she and fellow 5th grader Sam Bannister have undertaken making paracord survival bracelets for the Entrepreneur Fair at Lone Oak Elementary School.

Noelle wrote, "We have been studying economics at local, state, and national levels.  I understand revenue, cost, and profit.  I have made a profit of over $400.  I received no help from the government for my business…“I MADE IT!”

She also sent Gov. Romney one of the bracelets "as a gift to support the entrepreneurs in America."

After Romney's campaign called Noelle's mom, Paducah physician, Dr. Lee Meals, to say they intended to use the letter on the campaign blog and that the Romney grandchildren would be pictured wearing the bracelets, Noelle, Sam, and others got to work making more bracelets.

"We found out that he has 18 grandchildren. We were taking clasps off bracelets that were already made and putting them on the red, white and blue bracelets," Lee Meals said. "Then we overnighted them there."

Published 08:33 PM, Saturday Oct. 13, 2012
Updated 06:21 AM, Tuesday Oct. 16, 2012

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