Quilt Man, a Favorite of Quilters during QuiltWeek
By Ro Morse
PADUCAH, KY - He's a site you don't forget...Quilt Man on a Segway riding down Broadway or along the Expo sidewalks. When he glides up to a group of quilters, it's fun to watch the expressions on their faces. As he himself says, "They either run to me for a group hug and photo or pretend not to see me at all, rolling their eyes." 

Quilt Man is the epitome of what a proud Paducahan will do to promote the annual event that has made Paducah - Quilt City, USA. It's more than a big event, it's the hub of an art that increasing numbers of women (and men) consider serious fun. 

The masked quilt-attired man can be seen all around town during QuiltWeek in Paducah.  



Published 10:00 PM, Wednesday Apr. 24, 2013
Updated 04:10 PM, Thursday Apr. 25, 2013