Rotary Club District Governor Speaks at Luncheon
By Tim Brockwell
PADUCAH, KY - The Rotary Club of Paducah welcomed South Oldham County Rotary Club District Governor Ed Kalmey to its weekly luncheon on Wednesday.

Kalmey has been a South Oldham Rotary Club member since 1995. He served as president in 2007-08. He worked at Kraft foods for 34 years, where he started as a salesman. He eventually worked his way up to Vice President of Sales for Kraft's Dairy Division.

At Wednesday's meeting, Kalmey spoke about the Rotary Foundation's Group Study Exchange program, which provides business people and professionals around the world travel grants to exchange visits in areas overseas and learn about different cultures.

"I found my passion back in 1999, when I was asked by a club president if I would chair a program that we had never been involved with before," Kalmey said. "At that time I was on the verge of quitting Rotary, I was not motivated. After I got involved with GSE, I got motivated."

Kalmey recounted how the GSE program made him find his calling within the organization. He said after he and his wife, Judy hosted a GSE guest in their home, they became more involved within the organization.   

"After I found out about the humanitarian projects going on in their countries, I wanted to know more about Rotary International and what they are all about," Kalmey said. "It was at that time that I went from being a member of a rotary club to being a Rotarian."

Kalmey shared stories and photographs of his visits to Africa, South America and Asia. He talked about how some people in western society take for granted basic services like modern medicine and clean drinking water, which are unavailable in many places.

"There is so much that we take for granted, like decent Shelter, food, water and healthcare that doesn't exist in other countries," Kalmey said. "If we all give a little bit more, we can do a lot."

More information about Rotary Club Membership, or the GSE program can be found at the Paducah Rotary Club Website at the link below.

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Published 10:00 PM, Wednesday Oct. 09, 2013
Updated 10:30 PM, Wednesday Oct. 09, 2013

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