Sheriff Carter Announces New Addiction Program
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - McCracken County Sheriff Matt Carter has announced a new program to help those battling addiction.

The program, "Badges of Hope", is being offered by the McCracken County Sheriff's Department in alliance with The Kentucky Addiction Center. 

The alliance consists of grass root efforts to provide victims of addictions hope for their future by providing access to free opportunities to receive compassionate, caring drug rehabilitation services.

Carter explained that to use the program, all one must do is call the Sheriff's Office, and a deputy will provide free transportation, and assist in getting the person started in the program. He stressed that it must be understood that this is not to negate incarceration if the person is wanted, or found in possession of, or trafficking drugs. 

This is a way for anyone suffering and battling addiction to gain assistance before it is too late. "It’s about courage and being courageous", Carter added.

He said that he believes that for those battling addiction, or know someone that is, this is great news which could assist in eliminating the drug traffickers' "customer base".

Other jurisdictions and sheriffs agreeing to implement "Badges of Hope" include: Ballard County Sheriff Ronnie Giles, Marshall County Sheriff Eddie McGuire, Livingston County Sheriff Bobby Davidson, Calloway County Sheriff Sam Steger, Fulton County Sheriff Derek Goodson, Graves County Sheriff Jon Hayden, Carlisle County Sheriff Will Gilbert, Hickman County Sheriff Ben Natividad, Lyon County Sheriff Brent White, Trigg County Sheriff Jason Barnes, and also the Paducah Police Department.

Carter said he believes this program will help change lives, and joint efforts with the other jurisdictions will have a positive impact across western Kentucky.

Published 12:45 PM, Saturday Nov. 09, 2019
Updated 09:35 PM, Sunday Nov. 10, 2019

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