Sheriff: No Timeline Given for Turnbow Inquiry
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - The investigation into what led to the resignation of McCracken County Chief Deputy Mike Turnbow is completely in the hands of the Kentucky Attorney General's office, and there is no estimate on when it will be completed.
Sheriff Matt Carter said that as soon as he began to check into an inquiry about a, "scheduling fee," related to off-duty employment on January 7, he realized there was an ethics violation, and that led to Turnbow's resignation.
Carter said he was not familiar with any kind of scheduling fee and had not authorized any such thing. He immediately contacted the Attorney General's office so they could independently investigate the matter and determine if any crimes were committed.
When asked for more details in the investigation, such as who made the inquiry, Carter told West Kentucky Star his Monday press release was his way of providing as much information as he could, "on the front end," as a way of show transparency, but has been asked by the Attorney General's office to not elaborate so their investigation is not tainted.
"I have shared all of the information that I can possibly share at this moment, and until the Attorney General's office completes their review, I cannot provide any additional details," Carter said.
While his effort to be transparent in how he handled the administrative role may have created more questions, Carter said he's waiting for the investigation to end, just like everyone else. 

He said as soon as he learns anything about the investigation, he will share it with the public. 

Carter said he asked the Attorney General's office, but they could not given him a timeline for how long the investigation would take.

Turnbow had been Chief Deputy with the Sheriff's Department since January 1, 2007. Prior to that, he was a Kentucky State Trooper from 1982 to 2006. 

Published 05:23 AM, Wednesday Jan. 15, 2020
Updated 08:11 PM, Wednesday Jan. 15, 2020



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