Sheriff Warns of Another Phone Scam
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - Another scam has been reported involving someone pretending to be from a law enforcement agency.

McCracken County Sheriff Matt Carter says a citizen was scammed out of $600 after getting a call from phone number 270-366-7623. When that call is returned, an automated recording recording informs the potential victim they have missed jury duty and need to pay $600 by using a green dot credit card to avoid arrest. 

The scammer instructed the victim to provide the numbers from the cards before mailing them to the county courthouse. Sheriff Carter said this tactic was used to allow the scammer to have access to the money without actually having the cards, and the courthouse address was used to make the scam sound legitimate.

The Sheriff says his department does not make phone calls regarding warrants, and they never ask for money over the phone. They also do not have an automated system like the one used in this scam. Carter says if any of these methods are used, it is a scam. He said the best way to combat this growing problem is to not respond to these calls, and to share this information with friends and family.

Anyone who has a question about a potential scam or would like to report one should call the Sheriff's Department at 270-444-4719.

Published 12:47 PM, Tuesday Nov. 06, 2018
Updated 01:52 PM, Tuesday Nov. 06, 2018

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