Stefan & Donna Say "I Do" During Church Service
By Ro Morse
PADUCAH, KY - Finally, after a 17-year courtship, former Bristol Broadcasting Co. News Director Donna Groves and now husband Stefan Jagoe exchanged wedding vows during the Sunday morning worship service at Grace Episcopal Church.

But don't get any grand ideas if you are making wedding plans. These were extraordinary circumstances. Jagoe, a retired Paducah Policeman, is the Youth Pastor at the church and Groves has been assisting him in youth activities for over ten years. Yes, the news lady/animal advocate has also been busy working with the Grace Episcopal youth. Together they have seen young children grow into teenagers and head off to college. It was obvious to those in attendance, the couple is beloved by the congregation.

Rev. Libby Wade has only been in two such services during her history in the ministry. The first one was when she was an organist in a church in Mississippi and now this celebration and blessing of the marriage of Donna and Stefan. It was at her invitation that the couple decided to be married during the worship service. 

Rev. Nick Jaeger, who preceded Wade at Grace, shared the honors of leading the couple in their vows. Rev. Wade told the congregation that Stefan has been serving and teaching children in the good times and through some challenging times. "He is our friend and mentor and we thought it fitting to celebrate his and Donna's marriage with all of us surrounding and supporting them. As Stefan and Donna plan to move to the mountains of North Carolina in a couple of weeks, they will find a new church congregation and then will have the encouragement of even more of us."

When it was time to give the bride away, the youth, all together responded, "We do." It was a rare and touching moment.  
Eugenia Orr, longtime Grace member said, "These children are better because of Stefan Jagoe. He taught those who are already brilliant and made them even better individuals. He added wisdom to their lives. We can't begin to express our appreciation for his and Donna's time and energy and love for our congregation and our children through the years."

Comments like these were the theme in the midst of wedding vows, music and congratulations.

May God bless you, Donna and Stefan. You have to feel the love and support as you leave your roots and head to the mountains to start new chapters in your lives.

Published 01:36 PM, Sunday May. 05, 2013
Updated 02:07 PM, Monday May. 06, 2013

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