Three Face Charges in WKCTC Robbery
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH, KY - Three Paducah men have been taken into custody in connection to an early morning break-in at West Kentucky Community and Technical College in Paducah.

Officers were dispatched to the Anderson Building on the WKCTC campus at 3:10 am Monday, and were met by a security officer who was talking with one of the suspects, identified as 22-year-old Patrick G. Tallent. The guard told police he spotted Tallent crawling out of a broken window, and discovered an ATM on the ground outside the building. Tallent was arrested on a charge of third-degree burglary.

Police then located a car on North Friendship Road that the security guard had earlier described as leaving the area of the crime. The car was stopped, and following an interview with the driver and passenger, both were taken into custody.

The men were identified as 23-year-old Jason R. Blair and 34-year-old Joseanibal B. Cruze.

Officers say Cruze was spotted stuffing money in the waistband of his pants when he was originally detained, and took the money out of his pants later at the police department. Before he was jailed, Cruze was searched, and more cash was found on his person.

Cruze is charged with third-degree burglary and tampering with physical evidence.

Blair is charged with complicity to third-degree burglary.

All three were taken to the McCracken County Jail.

Published 04:08 PM, Monday Jul. 22, 2013
Updated 03:15 PM, Tuesday Jul. 23, 2013