Transit Authority Meeting Highlights
By Levi Holsapple
PADUCAH, KY - The Paducah Transit Authority met for its regular board meeting Wednesday.

After approving the June meeting minutes, Paducah Area Transit System Executive Director, Arthur Boykin, began explaining a negative number that presented itself during the financial report.

The director reported that approximately $160,000 in checks has recently come out of transit funds. He explained that $142,000 was recently mailed out to cover an insurance loan, and they have not yet received reimbursement from the state. He said the refund usually comes in by the twenty-fifth of each month.

Boykin told board members that the transit system had informed their fuel supplier that they might, due to the end of the fiscal year, be running two weekly payments behind.

Boykin said that’s not the case and they are current on the fuel bill. He also said gas has gone up, and the transit system is now averaging about $10,000 per week in fuel costs, opposed to the average of $8,700 per week.

The board accepted the financial report and moved to hear the manager’s report.

The director told board members that state officials visited the Paducah Transit System on Wednesday. He said they came by to look at construction progress reports. During the visit, state officials also informed Boykin about the approval of three new vehicles.

Published 01:50 AM, Thursday Jul. 25, 2013
Updated 02:54 AM, Thursday Jul. 25, 2013

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