COVID Cases in Local Area Continue to Rise
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY, SOUTHERN ILLINOIS - More than 150 new cases of the novel coronavirus have been diagnosed in western Kentucky and southern Illinois since last Friday.

The Graves County Health Department announced the largest number with 61 newly confirmed cases. This brings the total number of reported cases in Graves County to 280. The last update from Graves County was on Thursday evening.

The Purchase District Health Department reported 36 new cases of the virus this week. Of those cases, 22 were in McCracken County, 4 in Ballard County, 4 in Fulton County, 4 in Carlisle County, and 2 in Hickman County. McCracken County has 186 individuals that have tested positive for COVID-19, Ballard has 17, Carlisle has 9, Hickman has 7, and Fulton has 21.  There have been 3 deaths in McCracken County, 1 death in Fulton County, and 1 death in Carlisle County. The Purchase District Health Department did not provide an update on Friday.

The Calloway County Health Department announced 19 new cases this week. The total number of confirmed cases for Calloway County is now at 102, with 80 cases fully recovered, 19 isolated at home, 2 hospitalized, and 1 death.

The Marshall County Health Department reported 10 new cases this week. Marshall County is now reporting a total of 74 cases with 2 deaths.

The Pennyrile District Health Department confirmed 22 cases of COVID-19. This number includes 15 cases in Caldwell County, 2 in Crittenden County, 4 in Livingston County, and 1 in Lyon County.

The Southern Seven Health Department reported 16 new cases this week - 4 in Johnson County, 1 in Massac County, 5 in Pulaski County, and 1 in Union County. S7HD has reported a cumulative total of 340 cases, with 235 recoveries and 17 deaths. There had originally been 18 deaths reported in the region, but the Illinois Department of Public Health has determined that one death in Union County that had been attributed to the virus was not actually related to COVID-19.

Published 10:20 PM, Friday Jul. 10, 2020
Updated 10:35 PM, Friday Jul. 10, 2020



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