Coin Toss Decides Election in Village of Colp
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MARION, IL - The flip of a coin has decided the next leader of a tiny town in Willamson County after an election earlier this month ended in a tie.
Williamson County Clerk Amanda Barnes says she let both candidates inspect the 2016 North Dakota quarter Thursday at the county courthouse, and Bryan Riekena let fellow candidate Tammy O'Daniell-Howell choose heads or tails. She picked heads. 
Barnes says she "let it just fall to the ground" and it landed on heads. O'Daniell-Howell won, becoming village president in Colp, home to about 250 
Among 29 votes cast, the two candidates each received 11 votes in the April 4 election. Illinois law calls for coin flips to settle ties.
Barnes says the quarter was "the shiniest one I found in the office."

Colp is about 4 miles west of Herrin.

Published 10:19 PM, Thursday Apr. 20, 2017
Updated 06:23 PM, Thursday Apr. 20, 2017

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