Corps Issues Warning About Locks and Dam 52
By West Kentucky Star Staff
BROOKPORT - The Locks and Dam 52 wicket dam is up at Brookport, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is warning boaters and fishermen to be aware of their surroundings and watch for the danger buoys while operating on the Ohio River.

Orange and white buoys up stream of the wicket dam designate danger or restricted areas. Also, there is an electronic sign on the left descending bank of the navigation pass indicating danger at the dam. 

"We ask boaters to be aware of their surroundings and be mindful when operating near the Lock and Dam project sites," said Brad Stout, Chief, Locks and Dams Section, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville. "Mariners should be mindful of the warning signage and buoys while having fun on the river."

Although marked by buoys, when the wickets are in the up position it might not be apparent to boaters when approaching from the upstream side. Boaters should be vigilant and attentive of the warning buoys. 

The Corps of Engineers also asks boaters to wear life jackets while boating and refrain from drinking and boating. Life jackets can save lives and drinking alcohol impairs reaction times. 

"Life jackets will only save lives if worn properly,” Stout said. “Unzipped or unbuckled life jackets will not work as designed."


Published 10:30 AM, Thursday Aug. 09, 2018
Updated 12:13 PM, Thursday Aug. 09, 2018

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