Golconda's 'Yodeling Walmart Boy' Goes Viral
By West Kentucky Star Staff
GOLCONDA, IL - An 11-year-old from Pope County has become a viral internet sensation, appeared on national TV and was given a college scholarship, all in just the past few weeks.

Golconda's Mason Ramsey first came to local attention with appearances at the Kentucky Opry in Draffenville and other venues. His fame spread to the internet after he was videotaped singing Hank Williams' "Love Sick Blues" at a local Walmart.

The video went viral online, and caught the attention of talk show host Ellen Degeneres. Ellen invited Mason on her show last Tuesday, and presented him with a scholarship from Walmart for $15,000. She arranged for Mason to do another appearance at Walmart in Harrisburg, then pulled some strings for him to make whirlwind appearances last weekend on the Grand Old Opry in Nashville, and at the Coachella Music Festival in California.

“Yodeling Walmart Boy,” as he is typically called in Google searches, was an instant hit at Coachella. He shared the stage with DJ Whethan, who remarked that his guest didn’t an introduction. The crowd went wild when Mason took to the stage wearing his cowboy hat and bow tie.

The boy performed “Lovesick Blues" for the cheering fans, and for the likes of Justin Bieber seen dancing offstage.

Since the original video of Mason in a Walmart was shared on March 27th, it has been retweeted more than 50,000 times, and various Youtube videos of his concerts and 'Ellen' appearances are approaching 100 million views. 

Published 11:00 AM, Monday Apr. 16, 2018
Updated 12:03 PM, Tuesday Apr. 17, 2018

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