Graves County Leads in New Virus Cases Again
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY; SOUTHERN ILLINOIS - Reports by local health departments show totals continuing to increase in the area - especially in Graves County. 

The Graves County Health Department announced 22 new cases on Thursday. Three of them are isolated in the hospital and the rest are in isolation at home. They range in ages from a girl under 10 years old to a man in his 80s. 

“Treat other people like they are contagious because they just might be,” said nurse supervisor Kathy Gifford. 

Graves County reported 38 cases on Tuesday. Their total is now 280 cases since the outbreak began, with 21 deaths.

The Purchase District Health Department says 13 more cases have been confirmed since Tuesday - four on Wednesday and nine on Thursday. Ten of the cases are in McCracken County, and one each in Ballard, Carlisle and Fulton counties. 

On July 6, a case was reported in Ballard County that should have been in McCracken County so those totals have been updated. As of Thursday, McCracken County has 185 cases, Ballard County has 17 cases, Carlisle County has nine cases, Fulton County has 21 cases, and Hickman County has seven. There have been three deaths in McCracken County, one death in Carlisle County and one death in Fulton County, which was reported on Tuesday.

The Southern Seven Health Department has reported fifteen cases since Monday, with four in Johnson County, five in Pulaski County and six in Union County. A total of 340 people have been diagnosed with the virus in southernmost Illinois, and 17 have died. 

The Marshall County Health Department reported three cases on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and two on Thursday. Seventy-two people have caught the virus in Marshall County and two have died. 

Published 07:20 PM, Thursday Jul. 09, 2020
Updated 11:31 AM, Friday Jul. 10, 2020



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