Group Recruiting Help for Cancer Prevention Study
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH, KY - CORRECTION: When originally posted, this article indicated that the event was a luncheon. We apologize, but that is not the case.

The American Cancer Society is hosting a community kickoff to encourage community and regional enrollment in the American Cancer Society Cancer's Prevention Study-3 at Lourdes Hospital.

The kickoff event will be at 1:00 pm Friday, October 5 in the Borders Community Room of the Marshall Nemer Pavilion at Lourdes.

People from western Kentucky and southern Illinois between 30-65-years-old who have never been diagnosed with cancer are encouraged to attend and learn about the study, which will take place November 15-17.

Those who participate will complete a brief survey, have their waist circumference measured and give a small blood sample. They will then complete a survey at home about their lifestyle, behavior and other health-related factors.

CPS-3 is a grassroots opportunity to be part of cancer research. Cancer survivors can encourage people to enroll, and individuals who have loved ones who have battled cancer can participate. For additional information on Cancer Prevention Study-3, visit

Published 10:00 AM, Thursday Oct. 04, 2012
Updated 07:51 AM, Friday Oct. 05, 2012