Marshall County Man Charged With Federal Sex Crime
By West Kentucky Star Staff
BENTON, IL - The FBI agent who was involved in the recent arrest of Paducah restaurant owner Ken White has helped catch a Marshall County man on similar charges. 

According to federal documents obtained by West Kentucky Star, Justin Wadsworth of Benton responded by email to the same online ad on April 28 about incest that led to White's arrest.

The agent claimed to have a sexually-active 10-year-old and the two men reportedly traded photos (the agent's photos were fake). They discussed meeting in Metropolis and Wadsworth allegedly said he wanted, "some young active fun and I'll give $1,000 for it."

They agreed to meet on May 13, and Wadsworth was detained in a parking lot. Documents show Wadsworth admitted he communicated with someone and came to meet the man and his daughter, but said he intended to expose the man's activity and rescue the girl. 

Wadsworth was arrested for using interstate commerce by cell phone to entice a person under the age of 18 to engage in sexual activity. 

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Published 03:40 PM, Wednesday Jul. 08, 2020
Updated 07:53 PM, Thursday Jul. 09, 2020



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