Minor Flooding Along Mississippi River
By National Weather Service
CAPE GIRARDEAU - A flood warning is in effect for the Mississippi River affecting areas in southern Illinois and southeast Missouri.

At Cape Girardeau the river gauge on Friday morning was at 32.9 feet and rising. Minor flooding in the area began to occur at flood stage of 32 feet.

The river will continue to rise through Wednesday evening to an estimated crest of 38.5 feet, which will cause moderate flooding. 

The rising waters will also affect the counties of Alexander, Jackson, Union, Perry and Scott.

The gauge at Thebes is expected to show moderate flooding by Thursday at about 37 feet.

The Ohio River gauge at Cairo is currently at 38 feet, and is not expected to rise beyond that height while the Mississippi crest passes next week.

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Mississippi gauge at Cape Girardeau

Published 11:07 AM, Friday Oct. 12, 2018
Updated 11:02 AM, Friday Oct. 12, 2018

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