Paducah Woman Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison
By West Kentucky Star Staff
METROPOLIS - A Paducah woman has been sentenced to four years in an Illinois prison for attempting to smuggle drugs into the Massac County Detention Center.

In April 2017, Massac County Sheriff's Deputies discovered a plan by 38-year-old Martha E. Barton, to smuggle drugs into the Massac County Detention Center. 

Deputies later found a package with tobacco and drugs, outside of the Detention Center. They removed the drugs from the package, but left the tobacco. 

While watching the package, they saw an inmate trustee pick it up and deliver it to an inmate. As a result, Barton was arrested and charged with delivering drugs to be smuggled into the Detention Center. 

She pled guilty in April of 2018 in Massac County Circuit Court to a charge of controlled substance in a penal institution.

The sentencing hearing was held on Thursday in Massac Circuit Court.

Published 10:45 PM, Friday Jul. 13, 2018
Updated 05:33 AM, Monday Jul. 16, 2018

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