Plant Manager Urges Safety at Honeywell Entrance
By West Kentucky Star Staff
METROPOLIS, IL - Salaried workers at Honeywell Metropolis and union picketers have been reminded to keep an eye out for each other near the entrance to the plant.

Plant Manager Jim Pritchett sent the safety notice to employees Friday morning, telling them that two signs have been placed along Highway 45 to remind drivers that a picket line is in front of the plant. He asked workers who are keeping the plant running during the labor dispute to slow down and watch for pedestrians.

A company spokesman said there have been no issues at the plant since union workers were locked out Saturday, and the email was meant as a word of caution to those entering or leaving the plant on the busy highway.

The message said the company respects the union's right to picket, and asked them to be mindful of traffic, especially if they bring children to the picket line.

Pritchett's email said "While the union and the company may have differences - and these will ultimately be resolved at the bargaining table - the safety of our employees and the community is of utmost importance."

Negotiations between USW Local 7-669 workers and Honeywell officials are scheduled to begin August 18.

Published 01:11 PM, Friday Aug. 08, 2014
Updated 06:09 PM, Friday Aug. 08, 2014

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