Re-Sentenced: Former Sheriff Receives 2 Life Terms
BENTON, IL - A former southern Illinois sheriff has been resentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison after his initial life sentence was tossed. 
A judge Friday sentenced former Gallatin County Sheriff Raymond Martin to two life terms plus ten years in a drug-trafficking case where Martin allegedly plotted to have witnesses against him killed.
His original sentence was identical - two life terms plus ten years. But it was thrown out in August by a Chicago-based U.S. appeals court over how sentencing guidelines were applied.
Martin was convicted in 2010 after witnesses testified he was on duty when he supplied a drug dealer with marijuana pilfered from an evidence locker.
After he was jailed, he allegedly plotted to have two potential witnesses assaulted or killed, though neither was harmed.


Published 09:46 AM, Saturday Dec. 08, 2012
Updated 02:57 PM, Monday Dec. 10, 2012

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