Breakdown of Obesity Rates by State
WASHINGTON, DC - A new study from the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation indicates twelve states have an obesity rate higher than 30 percent.
Mississippi had the highest rate of obesity at 34.9 percent, while Colorado had the lowest rate at 20.7 percent.
Twenty-six of the thirty states with the highest obesity rates are in the Midwest and the South.
Illinois is ranked 29th with a 27.1 percent obesity rate

Trust for America's Health executive director Jeffrey Levi says there is a growing body of knowledge that makes healthier choices easier for Americans. However, he says very little is being invested in reducing obesity and reaping the returns in health and savings.
In 2006, obesity-related medical costs totaled $147 billion, or nearly 10 percent of total medical spending.

Published 12:00 AM, Wednesday Aug. 15, 2012
Updated 03:46 AM, Tuesday Aug. 14, 2012

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