Cigna, Humana to Cover COVID-19 Treatment Costs
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WASHINGTON - Cigna and Humana have announced they will cover treatment for all members who become COVID-19 patients, including in-network and out-of-network, making them the first major insurers to announce such broad coverage amid the global pandemic.

The coverage is valid for commercially insured, self-insured and Medicare Advantage members. Employers have the option to opt-out for self-insured plans. Cigna said the waiver will last until May 31.

Humana said it applies to :FDA-approved medications or vaccines when they become available. There is no current end date. Humana will reassess as circumstances change.”

CVS Health (CVS) announced its Aetna health insurance business would cover inpatient treatment, though only for in-network treatment. It is unclear how the treatment will be reimbursed for the providers.

Cigna has gone a step further, including out-of-network treatment and has said it will reimburse providers at in-network or Medicare rates, or based on any other applicable state regulations.

In addition, Cigna said it is deploying hundreds of on-staff clinicians, including physicians and nurse practitioners, to join the team of health care professionals that are responding to the outbreak through tele-health with its partner MDLive.

Published 10:43 AM, Monday Mar. 30, 2020
Updated 10:49 AM, Monday Mar. 30, 2020



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