Dorena-Hickman Ferry: No Semis Due to Low Water
By WestKyStar Staff
HICKMAN, KY - Low water on the Mississippi River has prompted the Dorena-Hickman Ferry to again exclude commercial trucks from the crossing.
This morning the Cairo gage was at 8 feet. Captain Ed Floyd says that has forced the ferry to start turning away SEMI trucks and other large vehicles.
“We can continue to handle passenger vehicles and can handle small utility trucks at this time, but no commercial trucks or larger vehicles will be allowed to cross due to the low water,” Captain Floyd said. “Until the river moves back above about 13 feet at Cairo, we will be unable to haul tractor trailer rigs and other commercial trucks.”
The low river level makes it difficult for trucks to move on and off the ferry at the Missouri landing.
“The ferry is able to safely continue service for passenger vehicles, pick-up trucks, and small utility trucks,” Floyd said. “We apologize to our regular customers who have larger trucks that need to cross, but at this time we are forced to exclude commercial truck traffic until we get more water.”
Commercial trucks that normally travel between Kentucky and Missouri via the Dorena-Hickman Ferry will now face a detour of up to 80 miles, depending on their destination.
Captain Floyd emphasized that the ferry continues to serve passenger vehicle and small truck traffic on the winter operating schedule.
The Dorena-Hickman Ferry connects KY 1354 at Hickman, Kentucky, with Missouri Route A and Route 77 near Dorena, Missouri.
The Dorena-Hickman Ferry Operates from the Hickman Landing with regular river crossings during daylight hours.  Passage for passenger vehicles is $14 with additional tolls for trucks, motor homes, and vehicles pulling trailers. There are discounts for vehicles making return crossings.

Published 11:39 AM, Thursday Nov. 29, 2012
Updated 07:19 PM, Saturday Dec. 01, 2012

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