Egg Prices Surge To Record 238% Due to Bird Flu
By The Associated Press
DES MOINES, IA - Egg prices surged to a record on Friday, a month after bird flu was first detected in the chicken flock in Iowa, the nation's leading egg producer.

Midwest large eggs reached $2.32 a dozen.

Rick Brown, a senior vice president for Urner Barry, a commodity market analyst says that's a 95 percent increase in the month since bird flu first hit Iowa chickens. He says the previous record was $2.27 set on Dec 4.

Eggs used to make ice cream, mayonnaise and other processed foods set a record Friday of $2.13 a dozen, up 238 percent from the selling price of April 22 around the date Iowa's first chicken farm tested positive.

More than 21 million of Iowa's egg-laying hens have been killed.

Published 02:26 PM, Saturday May. 23, 2015
Updated 12:14 AM, Sunday May. 24, 2015

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