Mississippi River Could Stay Flooded Til May
By West Kentucky Star Staff
CAPE GIRARDEAU - The Ohio River is back to normal levels after a swollen winter, but the Mississippi has been well over its banks lately, and looks to stay that way for several more weeks.

The river gauge at Cape Girardeau stood at 38.97 feet on Sunday, and was over 40 feet as recently as April 6. The river crested there in March at 43 feet, and has maintained its high level from remnants of historic flooding and snow melt in Nebraska and Iowa last month.

Flood stage at Cape Girardeau is 32 feet. Downtown flood gates there have been in place since mid-March.

The Army Corps of Engineers says the Mississippi will stay flooded through May, the result of even more melting of snow pack in the Great Plains and Upper Midwest. That melt will soon include this week's massive snowstorm across that region.

This will put continued pressure on levees along the river that have already been compromised in many locations.

Published 05:40 PM, Sunday Apr. 14, 2019
Updated 05:57 PM, Sunday Apr. 14, 2019

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