No More Flip Flops: Court Plans Dress Code
BENTON, MO - Those making court appearances in southeast Missouri's Scott County better start dressing for the occasion.
The Sikeston Standard Democrat reports that Circuit Clerk Christy Hency, after consulting with judges, is drafting a dress code. Bailiffs will be given the authority to send away those who don't dress appropriately.
Hency says the idea came up at a recent seminar she attended for the National Center for State Courts. She says people are showing up in clothing that indicates a lack of respect.
Among the clothing that will likely be banned: Pajamas, tank tops with offensive wording, and flip flops.
Those summoned to court for any reason will also get notification about the dress code.

Published 11:16 AM, Thursday Feb. 07, 2013
Updated 11:20 AM, Thursday Feb. 07, 2013

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