State Republican Parties Mull Canceling Primaries
By The Associated Press
COLUMBIA, SC - Republicans in several states are set to decide whether they'll cancel plans to hold presidential preference selections before the 2020 election.

In meetings Saturday, Republican parties in South Carolina, Kansas and Nevada are expected to debate canceling primaries, caucuses or other voting. Arizona is expected to make a decision later in the month.

Several challengers to President Donald Trump have emerged, including Bill Weld , a former Massachusetts governor, and Joe Walsh , a former Illinois congressman. Others may join them.

It wouldn't be an unusual move by the party of the White House incumbent seeking a second term.

In years past, both Republicans and Democrats have scrapped state nominating contests when an incumbent president from their party ran for a second term.

Published 01:30 PM, Saturday Sep. 07, 2019
Updated 08:35 PM, Saturday Sep. 07, 2019



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