TSA to Remove Controversial X-ray Scanners
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Transportation Security Administration confirms that it is getting rid of airport body scanners that produce a naked image of travelers.
Right now the TSA uses two types of scanners. One makes a generic image showing where agents should look for an object on the traveler's body. Those scanners are staying.
The other kind of scanner uses X-rays. They raised privacy concerns because they show metal objects on the traveler's body - along with every other detail, too. Congress has mandated that those scanners be changed or removed by June.
TSA says the X-ray scanners will be gone by June. It says the company that makes them, Rapiscan, was not able to come up with a software fix to make the scanners comply with the Congressional mandate.

Published 12:47 PM, Friday Jan. 18, 2013
Updated 12:58 PM, Sunday Jan. 20, 2013

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