2014 Gov. Canidates to Choose Running Mates
CHICAGO, IL - The job of Illinois lieutenant governor has often been ridiculed as a do-nothing office. But in 2014 the position will take on a new significance.
For the first time candidates for governor must select their running mate and compete on the same ticket. In previous elections they ran separately.  
Several campaigns say they'll announce their picks for lieutenant governor around Sept. 3, when candidates may begin circulating petitions to get on the March primary ballot. Others plan to wait until later this fall.
The change is the result of the 2010 election, when the Democratic lieutenant governor nominee had to step down because of revelations of a checkered past. 

The choice will have the potential to help or hurt a campaign, so candidates say they're considering their options carefully.

Published 02:45 PM, Saturday Aug. 24, 2013
Updated 12:34 PM, Saturday Aug. 24, 2013

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