Health Plan Prices On Illinois Marketplace Emerge
CHICAGO, IL - Information on the prices of the health insurance policies available on the new Illinois marketplace is emerging, but slowly.

The federal government released some prices late Tuesday for policies available to Illinois residents. Many consumers haven't been able to see the prices because of glitches on a federal website.

The new information shows prices by county, in certain age categories and certain family situations.

For example, a 27-year-old Adams County resident can choose from 39 plans ranging in price from $117 a month to $350 a month. That's before tax credits, which could bring costs lower.

A 27-year-old Cook County resident can choose among 72 plans from $125 a month to $375 a month before tax credits.

Published 07:05 PM, Wednesday Oct. 02, 2013
Updated 07:06 PM, Wednesday Oct. 02, 2013

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