IL House Approves Doctors' License Fees Increase
SPRINGFIELD, IL - Governor Pat Quinn has authorized the increase of Illinois doctors' license fees after months of discussions among state officials, the physicians they regulate and the Legislature.

Quinn approved the measure on Friday by a 65-49 vote.

The cost of a three-year license under the new law is $700, up from $300. The fee hadn't increased since 1987.

Lawmakers say the increase will fix the finances of the state office that licenses doctors and investigates medical malpractice claims. Budget woes forced the office to slash its staff in half in January.

The fee increase will repay a $6.6 million loan that the office will use to rehire the 15 staffers that were let go.

The fee will drop to $500 in 2018.

Published 07:30 AM, Sunday Mar. 10, 2013
Updated 12:08 PM, Monday Mar. 11, 2013

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