IL Towns Impose Assault Weapons Restrictions
WINNETKA, IL - Add Winnetka to the list of Illinois communities passing an assault weapons ordinance.

On Friday, the village board voted to regulate the transportation and storage of assault weapons, but didn't ban the weapons.

Local governments have been scrambling to consider ordinances after a provision in a state law made it legal to carry concealed weapons in public.

As part of the concealed carry bill that became law when the General Assembly overrode Governor Pat Quinn's veto this month, local governments were given ten days to enact assault weapons ordinances. Friday was the deadline.

In recent days, about a dozen communities have passed ordinances either banning assault weapons or imposing regulations concerning how they are stored and transported.

Leaders in several other communities have rejected assault weapons ordinances.

Published 08:57 PM, Friday Jul. 19, 2013
Updated 09:34 PM, Friday Jul. 19, 2013

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