Shawnee Names Clairene Weaver Endowment Recipients
By WestKyStar & Shawnee College Staff
ULLIN, IL - Earlier this month, Illinois Foundation Board representatives met with the Shawnee Community College President, Peggy Bradford, to discuss an endowment donated to the institution by Ms. Clairene Weaver. The endowment is to be utilized for scholarships for female students attending Shawnee Community College. Ms. Weaver, a former English faculty member, specified that the gift was to be distributed individually to women who are permanent residents of the Shawnee district to assist them with furthering their educational goals.

This year recipients were selected from students who have obtained a minimum of 40 credit hours beyond developmental credits, hold a GPA above 3.0 and who are on track to graduate by May 2019. Interviews were conducted, and each candidate was required to submit a brief essay outlining their reason for choosing Shawnee College and describing their plans for future academic endeavors. 
The 2018 award recipients are Jessica Edwards, Meridian High School graduate, Cassandra Nelson, Kaylie Rose, and Jala Wilson Century High School graduates and Ukari Posey Cairo High School, graduate.
The Clairene Weaver Endowment will be an annual opportunity for qualified candidates. For more information regarding all scholarship opportunities at Shawnee, contact the college at 618-634-3200.

Published 06:40 AM, Saturday Nov. 10, 2018
Updated 06:54 AM, Saturday Nov. 10, 2018