US Budget Woes Could Hurt Parks and Historic Sites
SPRINGFIELD, IL - Uncertainty abounds about what could happen in Illinois if federal lawmakers in Washington don't do something to avert automatic budget cuts set to kick in on Friday.

In Springfield, hours could be curtailed at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, affecting as many as 117,000 visitors a year at the 42-year-old national park. Last year it drew roughly 300,000.

National Park Service's Midwest region director Mike Reynolds says he is scrambling to grapple with the potential of losing federal funds.

Reynolds says he believes the American people are watching what is happening, and they want reduced government spending. However, he says he doen't think they realize what is happening affects their lives.

Published 03:35 AM, Thursday Feb. 28, 2013
Updated 03:39 AM, Thursday Feb. 28, 2013

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