US Investigating IDOT Payments for Jobs Program
SPRINGFIELD, IL - A new state report says federal authorities are investigating the Illinois Department of Transportation for improperly spending road funds on a 2008 summer jobs program. The report released Monday says the state's Executive Inspector General pointed out the improper spending to the state attorney general, which then indicated federal authorities were looking into it.
The investigation involves a $7 million jobs program. The Transportation Department says participants didn't follow proper hiring rules or fill out paperwork correctly. IDOT money reserved for roadwork was also used for summer jobs.

IDOT says it's seeking reimbursement of $640,000 from five non-profit organizations that hired 3,500 young people in 2008 in a program initiated by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Published 11:14 AM, Monday Apr. 30, 2012
Updated 11:18 AM, Monday Apr. 30, 2012