Woman Seeks 'Proper' Apology from House Candidate
O'FALLON, IL - A southwestern Illinois judge who claims she was shoved by a congressional candidate during a weekend homecoming parade wants an apology from him.
St. Clair County Associate Judge Laninya Cason told reporters Monday that Democrat Bill Enyart pushed her aside while she was wearing a shirt supporting Enyart's Republican opponent, Jason Plummer, during the event last weekend. 
Enyart's campaign manager, Jason Bresler, says the two accidentally bumped and that Enyart immediately apologized. Bresler calls the matter "political campaign silly season."
Cason says if Enyart properly apologies she won't press to have him charged.
Enyart, Plummer and the Green Party's Paula Bradshaw are competing to succeed Democrat Jerry Costello in the 12th Congressional District. The 12th District includes a dozen counties from Alton south to Cairo along the Ohio River.


Published 01:34 PM, Tuesday Oct. 09, 2012
Updated 06:54 PM, Tuesday Oct. 09, 2012