Appeals Court Considers Carneal Arguments
CINCINNATI, OH - A federal appeals court panel is considering whether a man who shocked the nation in 1997 by killing three classmates at Heath High School should be allowed to take back his guilty plea and get a trial.

The attorney for 29-year-old convicted shooter Michael Carneal argued Wednesday before the panel in Cincinnati that his client's appeal was timely and should be allowed to proceed.

Carneal has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is arguing that he wasn't mentally competent to plead guilty to the shooting at the time, when he was 15.

The Kentucky Attorney General's Office countered by saying that Carneal filed the appeal too late and that his conviction and life sentence should stand.

The panel is now considering the matter but may not issue an opinion for months.

Published 11:30 AM, Wednesday Dec. 05, 2012
Updated 03:53 PM, Thursday Dec. 06, 2012

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