Beshear Promotes Agritech, Manufacturing Plan
By The Associated Press
LOUISVILLE - Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andy Beshear has released a plan aimed at producing more Kentucky jobs tied to farm technology and advanced manufacturing.

The proposals released Wednesday are part of what Beshear calls his "kitchen table agenda." Beshear's plan includes starting "business accelerators" and expanding access to credit to recruit agritech and advanced manufacturing operations to Kentucky.

Beshear, the state's attorney general, is challenging Republican Gov. Matt Bevin in the November election. Bevin routinely touts the state's low unemployment rate and job growth in his pitch for a second term.

Beshear's plan includes having the state partner with universities to develop "agritech accelerators" to promote business startups.

He says he'd focus tax incentives on agritech businesses and advanced manufacturing and would expand "micro-loan" programs to increase access to credit for businesses.

Published 04:03 AM, Thursday Aug. 15, 2019
Updated 10:06 PM, Wednesday Aug. 14, 2019

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