Bevin on Pitino Book: 'Sad'
By West Kentucky Star Staff
LOUISVILLE, KY - Fired University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino's latest book is out. "Pitino" My Story" has plenty of blame to go around for what happened to Pitino, including Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

In the book, Pitino calls Bevin a "religious zealot" and accuses Bevin of having a grudge against the University of Louisville, and says the Governor's actions, like replacing board members, were just grandstanding, in an effort to appeal to the University of Kentucky fan base. 

What does Governor Bevin think of the book? He told Greg Dunker on NewsTalk 94.3 WKYX that he hasn't read it, but people have sent him pertinent sections, and he said it "sounds like the sad rantings of a person whose life has sort of fallen apart". 

Bevin said he hasn't read it, and "don't imagine it will be on my shortlist of reading".

Published 07:22 AM, Thursday Sep. 06, 2018
Updated 05:34 AM, Friday Sep. 07, 2018

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